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Kesha Raithatha

Tell us about yourself

Kesha Raithatha is a British Asian dancer and choreographer who embodies Kathak and Contemporary movement. She creates work that is rich in detail and experimentally reconsiders contemporary South Asian dance.

Since 2009, Kesha has divided her time between India and the UK training in Kathak, Contemporary, Kalari Payattu, and several Indian folk forms. In addition to her solo performance work, she performs with celebrated Indian Classical and Contemporary musicians, dance artists and companies.

Her curiosity and exposure to a wide range of movement training informs and invigorates her dance-making vocabulary. She is passionate about exploring her dance in a way which allows the viewer to have a surreal and transcendental experience, but also as a means to be a voice for the collective.

Kesha is extremely keen to utilise her position in the arts sector to generate a constant flow of creativity between artists of India and the UK alongside making work that is relevant or even taboo to the current social and political climate.

Kesha is Workplace Artist at Place Theatre in London; Associate Artistic Director at Aakash Odedra Company, and also Curve Theatre Resident Creative since 2021

Tell us about your proposed research/project

I want to interrogate what a genuinely uninterrupted and uncorrupted Contemporary South Asian dance and movement would be, if it was to be distilled out of Western Contemporary dance and movement practices.  

What do you think are the benefits of working with FABRIC in a Midlands context?

My heritage, family history, and cross-cultural experiences influence my artistic choices. It is important for me, to advocate working in my home region, the Midlands where there is public invisibility of forgotten South Asians whilst reinventing narratives for minority artists.  


Twitter: @KeshaRaithatha

Facebook: Kesha

Instagram: kesharai

Kesha Raithatha