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Skript is a series of micro-installations in foyers/cafes throughout the NottDance festival.

The directors of the Choreographic Lab, Jane Bacon and Vida Midgelow, invite you to join them for writing-dancing. Come sit and take a moment to share your experiences of dance and dancing.

Through these one-to-one interactions writing processes are activated in a manner akin to that of our corporeal moving – the small inner dance of the fluttering heart, the images of falling, standing and spinning that reside within you, the sweeping actions of the hand as pen marks page – all become part of the journey of the imagination in dancing-writing.

You will find Jane and Vida as well as Skript invitation cards in foyers/cafes throughout the festival.

This project was perfromed as part of Nottdance 2013.

For more information about past Nottdance festivals please visit the Nottdance archive.