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Summer Dance Session with Queerside – Ages 12 to 16

Thu 8th Aug 2024, 1:00pm


Location: Birmingham
Venue: Level 5 Studios

This Summer Dance Session takes place during the summer holiday and is for young people aged 12 to 16, themed around experiencing and exploring the style of waacking.

Using elements from this style, the session leads into a make-up and hair experience to finish off the session. Free refreshments and snacks are provided as part of the session.

This is priced as Pay What You Can (minimum of £2). The day is delivered by Queerside and FABRIC.

About Queerside
Created and based in the city of Birmingham since 2022. Queerside regularly provide events, workshops, opportunities performances and activism to the LGBTQIA+ communities. They aspire to create spaces, visibility, entertainment and growth for all. To be visible without segregation or discrimination.

We want people to believe more in the city, in their spaces, their building, their venues, their communities and in their dreams.”

Find out more about Queerside here.

Key Information


2 hours
1 – 3pm


This is priced as Pay What You Can (minimum £2).

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12 - 16
Dance Class


08 Aug 2024
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