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Solara by By ZoieLogic Dance Theatre co-created with Critical Mass Dance Collective

Location: Birmingham
Venue: Centenary Square

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Presented as part of EveryBody Dancing at Festival 23

Solara is no ordinary star.

She not only brings life, strength and protection to the communities who look up to her, but also provides energy for them to harness. Day after day, Solara arrives and the work begins. It has been like this for as long as anyone can remember, with Solara and the communities she powers relying on each other all living in harmony; all dancing to the same tune. When one day an unusual event occurs, it disrupts the universe they all know. 

We invite you to join us in Solara’s universe to feel the transformative power of connection, community and dancing together.  

Performed by Critical Mass Dance Collective (CMDC), the inclusive dance company featuring an integrated cast with people identifying as D/deaf, Disabled and non-disabled.   Members of the CMDC were previously seen dancing their way through key moments of the Birmingham 2022 Festival and the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. 


ZoieLogic Dance Theatre, director Zoie Golding

Commissioned by FABRIC, supported by Dance Leaders Group (DLG) 

Funded by United by 2022, whose mission is to maintain the momentum of the Commonwealth Games across the whole of the West Midlands. 

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45 minutes




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