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Power Hour – ReTwist Jam Dance Battle

Location: Birmingham
Venue: Centenary Square

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A dance battle with a twist. Presented as part of EveryBody Dancing at Festival 23

We’ve invited 5 guests and have 3 open spots available for people to join the battle line-up.

Battle Concept

Running as a 7-to-smoke style battle, 8 dancers will be battling in a 1 on 1 format where the winner stays on. Whoever is the first to get to 7 wins or has tallied up the most wins in the allocated time will be declared the winner.

But there’s a twist. Each round the music will be determined by a spin of the ReTwist wheel. The wheel will select the type of song for each round by specifiying either the genre, era or style of music.

The overall winner will be awarded the prize of a guest pass to this year’s international Litefeet event, Litefest 2023. The guest pass will include, entry to the events, travel, accommodation, and entry to the workshops. Litefest is an organisation dedicated to the preservation, celebration and evolution of Litefeet most known for their annual event bringing the international Litefeet community together.


How to Get Involved

To claim one of the 3 remaining spots to join our 5 guests, there will be an open cypher (circle) for those wanting to join the battle. Our judging panel will select 3 from the cypher to complete the battle line up.

FREE to join/attend and watch.

Key Information


60 minutes




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