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Parade – The Giant Wheel by Autin Dance Theatre

Location: Birmingham
Venue: Centenary Square

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Presented as part of EveryBody Dancing at Festival 23

A large-scale travelling street performance featuring a 12-foot Giant Wheel driven by 5 circus and dance artists travelling high above the streets and inspired by the fracture between our individual identities and the cycles of our shared common humanity. Autin Dance Theatre uses their unique blend of contemporary storytelling, striking physicality and innovative large designs to transport audiences and communities along a carefully choreographed procession. 

The Giant Wheel carries the performers high above the streets, spins them around ferociously, turning their worlds upside down, at times giving them momentum and speed, and at others rocking them gently back and forth imitating the laborious and repetitive cycle of life. 


Director/Choreographer: Johnny Autin  

Creative Consultant: Gwen Hales 

Creative Producer: Adam Towndrow 

Design Consultant: Becky Minto
Bespoke Set Design & Construction: Big House Events 

Music: Richard Shrewsbury – Royal Birmingham Conservatoire  

Performers: Felix Fogg, Rebecca Solomon, Kim Wildborne, Jamie Higgins and Will Hodson

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